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The Healthy Wellbeing Refugee (THW) is a Community Organisation founded in 2007 by Elizabeth, and addresses the social/emotional isolation, and the mental health issues of the Black and Minority Ethnic by providing a lot of activities majorly for asylum seekers to help keep them busy. The Healthy Wellbeing Refugee is managed by Elizabeth and some Trustees/Management Committee members who serve minority groups in Hartlepool and Nottingham


THW engage with minorities who are family members - dads, mums and their children, or single parents and their children. We aim to enlighten, educate and encourage healthy living and skill empowerment amongst them, as they are classified as disadvantaged and marginalised people.


We tackle unhealthy habits (sexual, eating, fitness etc.) which poses a lot of health risks like hypertension, diabetes, heart-disease, fibroid, anaemia, cancer, obesity, AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, and low self-esteem etc.


We encourage the development of employability skills, and building skills that will enable them the start and build of businesses and careers.  


Our OBJECTS are wide covering areas like education, mental health, healthy eating, nutrition, fitness, sexual health, cleanliness etc. amongst others.


As a RCO (Refugee Community Organisation), the services we provide for the minorities are to:

- run welcome projects for new asylum seekers.  

- hold quality health talks and meetings inviting health organisations.

- provide short courses e.g. food hygiene, first aid etc.

- provide trainings like cake decoration and sewing.

- provide asylum seekers and refugees with swimming lessons.

- provide them with gym sessions.

- provide weekly newsletters covering a wide selection of topics.

- organise social trips to places of interest.

- provide access to free health articles and journals through the RSS feeds on our websites and through our weekly articles.

- enlighten and educate all of the importance of healthy eating.

- provide fruits and vegetables frequently at our meetings.

- deal with any mental health issues relating to disadvantaged and marginalised ethnic groups through trainings and courses.

- provide sexual education to enable them to avoid diseases like AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.

- protect children's health and wellbeing through trainings and courses delivered to their parents.

-provide of trainings like piano and swimming lessons to their children.

- address issues of obesity through health talks.

- address health issues particular to minority women.

- devote to health research that will impact positively on them.



The Healthy Wellbeing Refugee Community Organisation provides health information (through trainings and courses), promotes healthy habits (through activities) and the importance/benefits of healthy eating and living amongst disadvantaged and marginalised ethnic groups (asylum seekers and refugees) and the wider society. We need the support of health organisations and institutions, health practitioners, charities and funders; and we provide a rewarding place to work for our workers and volunteers.



Upskilling and educating people to foster self confidence, empowerment, healthy living, and habits. .


Updated: 1 March, 2020





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The Mayor of Hartlepool  - Stuart Drummond presenting a 'Safer Hartlepool Award' to Elizabeth.

The MP of Hartlepool - Iain Wright with Elizabeth and  some committee members of 'The Healthy Wellbeing'

Elizabeth was nominated in 2013 as the 'Woman of the year 2013' at the Tess Valley BME achievements awards ceremony for making outstanding contributions within the BME Community.


African cooking sessions held by Elizabeth at St.Hilds church of England school, Hartlepool

Elizabeth Animashauns Community Food Presentation at a college in Hartlepool featured in Hartlepool Mail



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