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It is better to take one step today towards being a healthy person, and then build on it day by day.


What is your health like right now? Whatever it is like, is as a result of what you ate yesterday. What you eat today will always affect your health tommorrow, so why not start by eating healthy right now.


To avoid diseases like diabetis, heart disease, obesity, fibroid etc, start by eating healthy today.


Lets start to teach our children the benefits and importance of healthy eating by leading by example and by including fruits and vegetables in their diet.


We all know that fruits and vegetables are expensive, but sicknesses and diseases are more expensive.


Eating an apple with the peel

A recent journal published june 2011 says that eating an apple with the peel could keep sickness away because there is a chemical in apple skin that is being credited with health benefits that builds muscle mass and keep weight under control.


In addition to this, apples provide healing properties and can prevent several types of ailments.


Apples are natural blood sugar balancers, so they can help to prevent and treat diabetes.


Apples prevent habitual constipation and keep the entire intestine free from harmful germs, they can be eaten daily to loosen the bowel, and can help keep diarrhea away.


Fibre in apples helps the expulsion of waste in the form of stools, they are useful in case of high blood pressure, and they cure inflammation in the intestines.


So, in other to get all these benefits, please eat an apple a day and also encourage your children to do thesame.


Researched and Written by Elizabeth SamCoffie (former Animashaun)




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Take a step towards your health today- remember that old saying

             'eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away'.

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