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Summary of our 2011, and what 2012 holds for us.

The year 2011 is gone and here is 2012, and we've now had a chance to sit back and reflect on what we've delivered over the year 2011. Below are some of the things we accomplished in 2011, and we're also looking ahead to what we're going to be delivering in 2012.


Our Journey so far

We started in June 2011 and have achieved the below with help and support from the 'Regional Refugee Forum', 'Hartlepool Voluntary Development Agency', and the 'Voluntary Wheels'.



We have written and published about 25 issues of Newsletters between June 2011 and January 2012. Our Newsletters have been distributed to libraries, community centers, refugee community organizations across the region etc by two of our members namely, Alington Chiweshe and Uzoma Uhaohakara who are our Newsletters Co-ordinators. A very big thank you to you both.



We have published more than 30 articles on our website.

To date we have had about 7000 visitors on our website and 40 facebook likes.


Weekly Fruits and Vegetables

A big thank you to all the members who have worked tirelessly to make sure there are fruits and vegetables available every Monday at the drop-in. These members are More-Blessing Mbizvo, Nyasha (mama Zimbabwe).


Beading Sessions

We started our beading sessions to overcome boredom, depression and encourage a good mental and social health for our women, especially those who can't speak English properlly. We do this bi-weekly with about 8 people present at each session. A big thank you to More- Blessing who has been teaching the class.


Management Committee Members

To date we have about 9 management committee members who volunteer their time and talent to the running and growth of ‘The Healthy Wellbeing’. Thank you all, remember that together we will stand healthy.


Social and Health trips

Our Health Trip was organised by Opeyemi, Nadine, Jypsy, Moreblessing and Elizabeth.


1. In October, we (children and adults) went as a group to the beach to celebrate one of our members Fatou Dabor.

2. In December, we (children and adults) went on a social trip to Teesside Park.



Apart from our monthly meetings, we attended about 25 meetings with other agencies who invited us, and we gave presentations at some of them. We also had a study visit to Hull.


What 2012 Holds

We will continue to work harder in the area of our health and wellbeing through:

1, Health Presentations from our Local Public Health Trust

2, Fruits and Vegetables/Food Coop/Fair Share Food

3, Cooking Presentations

4, Health Articles

5, Newsletters

6, Beading Sessions

7, Fitness and Exercise Classes

8, ETC.

The Healthy Wellbeing

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