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Dancing:  an entertaining exercise

When the word exercise is mentioned, most of us the Black and Minority Ethnic never think of dancing as a form of exercise, but it is, and as well as a form of entertainment. Dancing can be enjoyed by people of all ages and can be done almost anywhere, but most black and minority people dance the most at church, festivals, and parties (which takes place ones a while), but we are encouraged to dance more often at home as a form of exercise and entertainment.


Below are some of the benefits of dancing:


1. Exercise - dancing is a form of exercise.


2. Relaxation – dancing provides physical/mental refreshment and relaxation.


3. A report (bupa) shows how dancing is especially beneficial in improving the health and fitness of older people beyond other types of exercise.


4. Laughter and fun - dancing can provide a lot of entertainment (just looking at others while they dance when you are also dancing can trigger laughter).


5. It improves coordination, reaction times, muscle endurance, flexibility, gait and strength - which all reduce the risk of falls in older people.


6. Entertainment - Dancing is a form of entertainment which allows one to express oneself.


7. Dancers find inspiration and motivation as they become lost in the dance.


8. Dancing carries with it social elements which can help improve confidence and reduce isolation.


9. A sense of unity is found within the dance.


10. Dancing allows professional dancers to form affiliations - a dancer can go from an "unknown" person to a "star."


11. It also carries with it a social element which can help improve confidence and reduce isolation.  


Dancing is beneficial in the ways outlined above and can be done with children, adults, or alone. People could be clapping while dancing or snapping their fingers. It doesn't matter! Just enjoy the music and exercise.

The Healthy Wellbeing.




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