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Mental Health (Build up your Emotional Resilience) - DON'T GIVE UP.


The only person who can stop you is you.


Maybe you’ve been facing some difficulties. Remember, great difficulties lead to great victories. Last week, I was talking to an older friend about how fed up I was about a situation. By the time she finished speaking with me, I felt positive about the situation and was glad I had spoken to her.


Resilience in psychology is the positive capacity of people to cope with stress and adversity.


How can we build our emotional resilience? By -







Maybe someone has wronged you today. You could easily become bitter and angry and spend your life trying to pay them back. However, if you let go, and not give up on doing the right things, then you will have double for your trouble! Communication is important, whether it’s with a friend, family member or counselor. Communication enables you to release tension rather than keep it inside. Clinical psychologist Isabel Clarke says, “if you’re talking about your innermost feelings, be careful who you talk to. Make sure that it’s someone who has your best interest at heart.”  DON’T GIVE UP


Improving your self-esteem:

People get distracted by what they consider to be a disadvantage or weakness in their lives. It may be something about their personality or looks that they don’t like. Or maybe they’ve been through an unfair situation: a divorce, a bad business deal or a bad break. We all have things that can feel like disadvantages; things that make it harder on us. It may even be a physical handicap, and you can’t get around like you used to. But just because you have a “disadvantage,” just because you’ve been through a tough time doesn’t mean you’re supposed to sit back and settle where you are. Don’t get negative toward yourself or your future. None of these things makes us worth less, but it can feel that way. Keep saying positive things into your life. DON’T GIVE UP.


Being positive:

You may have waited a long time for something, and you are getting fed up. Remember there is time for everything, and what you are waiting for may not be in your timing or in the way you expected. DON’TGIVE UP.


Helping others:

Friend, there is no greater legacy than to help someone else win. Today, look for ways to use your influence. Help others rise up higher. Sow good seeds because they will come back to you. When you help others win, you will be surrounded by people who will help you win in return. DO NOT GIVE UP.


Think about the people in your life. They’re not there by accident, but for a purpose. We should live with this awareness that, “I am here to add value to people. I am here to help them succeed.” Don’t go around always thinking, “I wonder what that person can do for me. I wonder what they have to offer.” No, we should have the attitude, “What can I do for them? How can I help them come up higher? Can I teach them something I know? Can I connect them with someone who can help them?” Don’t make the mistake of going through life ingrown. Instead, be a dream releaser. Use your talent, your influence and your experience, not just to accomplish your goals, but to help release a dream in someone else.


Remember, there is nothing more rewarding than to lay down at night knowing that you helped someone else become better. You not only fulfilled your purpose for that day, you did your best. It may have just been a two-minute phone call where you encouraged someone; but when you live as a dream releaser, you’ll see your own dreams come alive as well! DO NOT GIVE UP.


Managing your stress level and taking out time to rest:

Do you ever notice that when you are stressed out or worrying about something, you’re less tolerant of others and you’re more likely to say something you don’t really mean. But when well rested you are more tolerant, and your stress level is low. Find ways to reduce your stress and exercise regularly.


Keeping your peace:

I've learned that some people are peace stealers. They feel like it's their calling in life to aggravate you, try to make you look bad, and tell you what you can't do. They'll try to bait you into an argument to get you upset, annoyed and frustrated. But don't take the bait! Nothing is worth losing your peace over. DO NOT GIVE UP.


Nothing wasted:

If you've felt like you've wasted years of your life in the wrong job, hanging around the wrong people and doing the wrong things, don’t give up because it is time to do the right things, it is never too late. DO NOT GIVE UP.


You have what it takes:

The world’s system tells us to strive, toil and scrape to get what we want. Our culture puts limits on people because of their natural abilities, resources, background or circumstances. But there are no limits, make up your mind that you are well able and strong. The next time you start thinking “I can’t...” or “I don’t have what it takes...,” attack those negative thoughts by declaring, “I have what it takes; I am well able; and I am equipped. DO NOT GIVE UP.


Knowing the warning signs

Try to recognise when negative emotions start creeping in, whether it’s stress, anxiety or feeling sad. When you notice the warning signs creeping in, communicate with a friend, do some exercise, take  some rest, alcohol might make you feel worse (so stay off it).


In conclusion, above are tips for building up your emotional resilience to help you to cope with life’s ups and downs. Do not give up by doing these positive things: communicating when feeling low, improving your self-esteem, being positive, by helping others, keeping your stress level low, keeping your peace, and limiting your alcohol intake.


Researched and Written By Elizabeth Animashaun




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