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Milk can boost brain power: but most of us don’t even take enough milk and dairy products

A study which was carried out by researchers from the University of Maine in the US and the University of South Australia found that adults with higher intakes of milk and other dairy products did better in memory and other brain function tests than those who drank little or no milk.


However, most Black and Minority Ethnic (especially asylum seekers and refugees) take little or no milk and other dairy products.


This study says drinking just one glass of milk a day could boost our brain power. Milk is being hailed as a memory aid, the daily mail newspaper says, with this study showing that dairy products could “help stave off mental decline”.


In addition to this,

Milk and dairy products (like yoghurt and cheese) are good sources of both protein and calcium, and forms part of a healthy diet. Choose lower-fat milk or dairy foods where possible, because these are healthier choices.


Protein helps our bodies to work properly and to grow and repair themselves, while Calcium helps to keep our bones strong.


The calcium in milk and other dairy foods is particularly good for us because our bodies absorb it easily.


We are therefore encouraged to take more of milk and dairy products like cheese, yogurt, cream, low-fat spreads because of their health benefits.

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