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Usually when we talk about sweets, we think about children, but a lot of adults too have a sweet tooth and consume a lot of it.


A sweet is a Confectionery that is rich in sugar. Confections are generally rich in calories. On food labels, sugar can be identified in the form of glucose, sucrose,  honey, dextrose, maltose, fructose and hydrolysed starch or syrup.


People eat sweets because


• Sweets taste good


• Growing children: Scientists say childhood sugar cravings are likely linked to growing spurts.


• Sweets are not expensive


• Studies on infants confirm that it is human nature to prefer sweets over foods like vegetables, which are more of an acquired taste.


• Consuming simple carbohydrates (like sweets) boosts the brain chemical serotonin, which can help improve mood. Stress reduces serotonin levels, which may help explain why some people reach for sweets when they're feeling stressed.


However, moderation is the key to everything including sweet consumption. If sweets are consumed in moderation, then the risk and disadvantages of excessively eating sweets will be low.


Disadvantages of sweets


1. Tooth Decay:

Most children want sweets, but you can help prevent problems by making sure they don’t eat them often and encouraging them only to eat their sweets with a meal. This way, your child avoids having extra 'acid attacks' from eating sweets between meals. This helps prevent tooth decay by giving the teeth time to recover from the effects of the acids. Try not to give sweets or sweet drinks as rewards."


The number of times that teeth come into contact with sugar has as much of an effect as the amount of sugar eaten, so sweets are best eaten in one go rather than over the course of an hour or two. They will do the least damage to teeth if you keep them for mealtimes.


2. Allergy:

Some sweets contain traces of nuts which poses risks for those who are allergic to them, while others contain dairy products which must be avoided by individuals who are lactose-intolerant.


3.Sweets consumption can lead to weight gain:

Too much of sweets and sugary foods may lead to obesity.


4. Sweets may affect Blood-sugar:

Excessive consumption of confectionery has been associated with increased incidences of type 2 diabetes.


5. Cholesterol level:

Sweet consumption leads to higher cholesterol levels in your blood


6. Sweets are Less Nutritious Diet


Ways to Cut Sweets/Sugar Calories


1.For a sweet treat, pick foods that are naturally sweet, such as strawberries, honey and pineapple rather than cakes and biscuits.


2.Try swapping kids’ sugary drinks for milk (ideally semi-skimmed, but remember, kids under two need full fat milk), water or watered-down 100% fruit juice.


3.Drink fewer sweetened soft drinks.


4.Buy only 100% fruit juice that is not sweetened.


5.Instead of sweetened beverages, enjoy sparkling water with lime and/or a splash of fruit juice.


6.Choose unsweetened, whole-grain cereals and cereal bars.


In conclusion, small amounts of sweets can be included into our diets, but it is unhealthy to overeat sweets because it can lead to tooth decay, weight gain, higher cholesterol level etc.

By ‘the healthy wellbeing’




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