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Positive Parenting – Your child’s safety on the Internet and Social Media

Most of the time, children know more about the internet and social media than their parents, but parents can only direct their children on safe internet and social media use if they are also involved.


Whenever a parent comes into the room where your computer is and a child is heard or seen quickly changing an internet site, or you find your child looking at a blank internet page, or shuts the computer down, then the child might be hiding something.


There are measures to take to make sure your child is safe on the internet.


Internet tips for parents 

a. Keep your computer in a central location in your home


b. Be clear to your children about what sites they can visit and why some sites should not be visited


c. Set up parental control on your computer to limit their internet use and stop them visiting some sites


d. Parents should tell their children never to reveal personal information like their name, location, age and sex online.


e. If your child tells you of any harassment or threatening suffered online, look into the message, and print out or email the message to your internet service provider, tell the police and doctor.


f. Parents should be familiar with social media like Facebook, Twitter or MySpace.


g. Set up an account and friend your child to see his activities and friends.


h. Remind your child that everyone sees everything they put on their social media page, so they should not post personal information.


i. Parents should advice their kids to accept friend requests from only the people they know.


I have got friends who did not know what their children were doing on the internet and got alarmed when they found out. Help your child to be safe, learn and have fun on the internet by getting involved.


Researched and Written by Elizabeth SamCoffie



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