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Snacking on fruits





Snacking on fruit is the most beneficial way of snacking.

We all know the feeling of craving ice-cream, chocolates, cakes, crisps and sweets for snack. We may gain a lot of weight from snacking on these, but we can't gain weight from snacking on fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, unsweetened yoghurt and dried fruits.

Crisps and chocolates are the most popular snacks for people, but they are unhealthy because they contain a lot of salt, fat, and huge calories.






Fruit snacks are healthy, but some are dried and processed in such a way that most of its original nutritional values are dried out. A lot of packaged fruit snacks contain a label explaining that the contents are just fruit flavoured and are produced with vitamins A, C, E, are gluten free, fat free, and are made with real fruit or fruit juice ingredients.


Overall, no matter how much artificial vitamins dried fruits contain, they cannot be compared with fresh fruits and vegetables, but they are still better than ice-creams and chocolates.


Note that it is great to snack on fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, dried fruits etc, but our three core meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)  need to be eaten too, plus these meals need to contain protein, carbohydrate and

minerals in other to get our daily amount of nutrition.


Snacking on fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc, will enable us not to gain unnecessary weight, and will keep us from diseases and illnesses.



Researched and Written by Elizabeth SamCoffie (former Animashaun)




Dr. Brian Kaplan, 'Healthy snacking- fruit- tip of the week: Digestion'

This is taken from Http://

Accessed 14/06/2011

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