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THW's contributions to its participants


Language and IT Skills Development

Our participants develop their skills for life – English and IT skills, and other skills as they participate in the activities, projects and short courses that we provide for them.


Preparing for life after asylum seeking

THW's activities helps our participants to prepare for life after asylum seeking, whether they get their right to stay or not.


Employability Skills

THW empowers its participants to develop their empoyability skills which they use to get employments when they finally have the right to. For example, asylum seekers make use of their health and social care certificates to get employments.


Economic Benefits

Asylum seekers and refugees are empowered to provide economic benefits to their community as they use the skills they have developed from THW's activities to start businesses thereby contributing to the economy and providing jobs for the UK work force. For example, some refugees use their food hygiene certificates to start retail food shops like the pizza, fish and chip shops.